You might have the best website in the world but that doesn’t matter if no one can find it. At Marketing Malawi, we have the knowledge and the skills to get your site in front of your customers’ eyes through both “organic” (SEO) and paid search.

Optimising your pages

Put simply, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! index your webpages and assign them scores against search criteria. We can help you get those scores up, make more of your pages come up in search results and drive more traffic to your website. This is “search engine optimisation” or “SEO”.

We will optimise the hidden “meta” data on your pages, clean up the code to make it more search-engine friendly, and make the content on your pages work for the search terms that you want to drive traffic to them. We will even help you work out what those search terms are and even create new pages to help your site get discovered.

Off-site SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Optimising your webpages won’t even get half the job done these days – social media links and activity and backlinks from reputable sites offer potentially huge boosts to your search ranking. Despite this, it’s amazing to see how few sites work these avenues to get up the rankings.

We can help you tie up your social media activity with your website and forge links with reputable sites to help boost your visibility online.

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