Dubbed the ‘text messaging of the internet’, Twitter is a great way to get interactive with customers through live updates.

Content posting and engaging followers

TwitterFollowers on Twitter, not only opt in to see your tweets but they also take actions that provide value to your business (e.g. purchase from your business, promoting your businesses’ profile in a tweet through mentions or retweet your content to increase your businesses’ exposure).

Twitter gives your business a great opportunity to provide customer service, collect feedback from your audience, connect with influencers and drive awareness.

Boosted followers campaign: growing your community

It takes time to grow a Twitter community. Until you do, posting tweets on your profile may not be very effective on its own.

Fortunately, like Facebook, Twitter offers sponsored solutions with precise targeting to help you reach your ideal customers.

Besides paying to increase exposure of your business, you can embed a “Follow” button on your website. From doing so, you will be creating awareness for your Twitter profile as well as making it easy for visitors to follow your business by clicking the button on any of your web pages.

Tracking competitor action

You can track your competitors’ marketing activities on Twitter, observe how their strategy was so successful, learn to emulate their strategy and further improve upon their success.

Analysing trends

With the #hashtag, you will be able to see trends and specific content that a lot of people are talking about or sharing; it is also a very good way for your business to get found by using #hashtags.

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