Looking for a low-cost way of keeping in touch with your existing customers or getting in front of new prospects? Email marketing is a good choice for you.

Newsletter eshots

It may not have the buzz and glamour of social media marketing but using eshots to up-sell and cross-sell to your existing customers is a very good strategy. It’s easy to think that social has done away with email but the two work incredibly well together.

You can use your eshots to provide a digest while social is more of a “live” feed. It works so well that recent web companies like Groupon use email marketing at the core of their marketing strategies.

Mailing lists

You can also purchase mailing list data from data warehouses (like Experian) or events – the latter is often given to you for free just for attending. You can mail out to these lists to introduce them to your business. Although click-through rates for “cold list” email marketing are low, you can contact thousands of potential customers for a fairly low outlay. Combine this with our customer profiling and data cleansing services and you could see a quick lift in your profits.

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